Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen-Dear Santa

LinkDear Santa,

It's that time of year again. Time for me to tell you what I want for Christmas. I must also assure you that I have been good. Very, very good! Although, I bet you already know that. :-)

1. 2012 Honda Pilot~Let's face it, Santa, my 2006 Kia Sedona stinks. I made a poor choice, and I would love for you to right my wrong.

2. Ugg Adirondak II Boots~Santa, I'm not a huge Ugg fan, but these boots look warm and cozy. Can't you see me taking Cocoa for walks in the snow?

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set~My other bottle is practically empty. Surely you don't want me to go around stinky, Santa!

4. A Working Fireplace~Ten years! That is how long we have lived in this home, Santa, and not once have we had a fire in our fireplace. Could you please check it to be sure it is safe and clean it out? Thanks! Look at the bright side, you won't burn your bottom. ;-)

5. A Mother's Necklace~Please note that my children's birthstones are diamond, garnet, and topaz. Thank you!

6. Hobby Lobby Gift Cards~Santa, this would be a huge help! I am on a card making kick lately, and Hobby Lobby seems to be getting a lot of my money.

7. Craft Room (Fully Stocked & Organized)~This would be my little piece of Heaven on Earth!

8. Metal Family Tree~Santa, don't you think this would look nice in my house?

9. Light Fixture Above Dining Room Table~I just really think it would be nice to see what we are eating. Of course, this will probably just make my kids refuse to eat even more, and I am certain I will hear "Ewwwww, disgusting!" more often.

10. Camera Lens~I need to be able to zoom in on the football field next year.

11. Comfy Shoes~Santa, have you also noticed that the older you get, the more your back hurts? I am convinced that shoes make all the difference. They need to be comfy with good arch supports.
12. Pajamas & Slippers~I love feeling cozy in my home during the winter, and I think long flannel jammies and soft slippers would do the trick.

13. Sapphire Earrings and Necklace~You know I could rock this look, Santa! Especially paired with those flannel pj's. ;-)

I will truly be grateful for whatever you bring, Santa. Especially if it is on this list. ;-) To show my appreciation, I will leave you an extra cookie this year. I'm nice like that.



Alice Audrey said...

I'd love a working fireplace, but they aren't even legal here. Air pollution issues.

thebluemuse said...

Love the necklace and earrings! Would also love an organized craft room. Or maybe an organization fairy for the entire house. ;)